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Guarlford Village Hall


Chairmanís Report for 2010 to Guarlford Parish Council

2010 was a good steady year for the village hall. Lettings, though fewer than 2009, were still very good. The Yoga Club remained, by far, the main user. The Table Tennis Club usage was, for various reasons somewhat erratic but the club wishes to continue to use the hall for its home fixtures.

The usage by the childrenís group known as ALF (About Life & Faith) was a bit spasmodic. It often cancelled at short notice, usually for reasons beyond its control e g being let down by its transport provider or, through sickness, having insufficient helpers to meet statutory requirements. The leaders are very keen and have helped out at our last two Christmas Fayres. The WI is, as ever, a steady and reliable user and a major player with the Christmas Fayre fund raising event.

During the year repairs were done to the roof, replacing slipped and cracked slates and two of the emergency light units had to be replaced. There were also repairs to broken rain gutters. Some redecoration was done on the ground floor, mainly the repainting of all the woodwork except windows.

The 2010 Christmas Fayre raised £548.54 for the hall. As in previous years this was a joint venture with the PCC and the same amount was raised for the PCC towards maintenance of our parish churches. This is always a pleasant social event and the credit for its success goes to the hall committee members, WI members and members of the church community.

The hall also received a welcome grant of £200.00 from Guarlford Parish Council which was much appreciated and helped to keep hire charges down for our regular users.

The running costs of the hall are a major concern as will be seen from the Receipts & Payments summary below. Two items are of particular concern. The first is the large increase in the electricity charges in 2010 and the second is the high cost for the mandatory 6 monthly testing and maintenance of the fire alarm and emergency lighting systems together with the annual servicing of the fire extinguishers. Steps have been taken to find a more competitive provider.

Despite all this, with the aid of fund raising at the Christmas Fayre and support from Guarlford Parish Council, receipts still exceeded payments and there is a healthy contingency reserve, so overall it was a good year. Hereís to a successful 2011.

Opening Cash & Bank: £3772.39

Receipts 2010 £ 2009 £ Payments 2010 £ 2009 £
Fund Raising: Christmas Fayre 548.54 560.29 Repairs & Maintenance 347.29 477.40
Hire of Hall 1943.00 2410.00 Fire Protection 390.82 158.81
Misc 12.44 15.60 Insurance 415.14 472.73
Parish Council Grant 200.00 200.00 Electricity 1045.52 700.28




Water Rates 98.50 129.82




Cleaning 268.93 298.79
Total Receipts 2703.98 3185.89 Total Payments 2566.20 2237.83

Closing Cash & Bank: £3910.17. This represents the contingency fund for unforeseen repairs.

Don Hill


Village Hall Committee

June 2011